Each of our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. These typically include joint, muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve injuries. The below list outlines some of the main conditions that we treat each day, but if your condition is not on there then please give us a call, it is likely that we will be able to help.


Arthritic Conditions

At Primecare we will complete a detailed assessment to determine the nature and stage of arthritis, including onwards referral where necessary. Our aim is to improve your symptoms and functional ability. Arthritic conditions can be extremely debilitating with intense pain affecting the particular joints function and possibly affecting the individual's mobility. Arthritis will be diagnosed through blood tests (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout), X-Rays (Osteoarthritis) and a physical examination. It is important for a patient who is suffering from arthritis to see the correct health professional to help treat their condition, with physiotherapists being a key part of this process.
For more information see: http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/

Back and neck pain

Physiotherapy is extremely beneficial for neck and low back pain with a large amount of research available which supports its effectiveness as a treatment method. At Primecare Physiotherapy the physiotherapist will complete a thorough assessment, following which they will then be able to provide hands on treatment which again, will depend on the severity of the patient's symptoms. Treatment methods include soft tissue massage, acupuncture, exercise prescription, joint mobilisations, joint manipulation. We use an evidence based approach and the above treatment methods have recommended in the NICE Guidelines for low back pain. We also have immediate access to MRI scans, if further investigation is deemed necessary.

Road Traffic Accidents

At Primecare Physiotherapy the physiotherapists use a large number of different treatment methods to treat injuries post road traffic accidents. Theses treatment methods include soft tissue massage, acupuncture, exercise prescription, joint mobilisations, joint manipulations, stretching and trigger point release therapy.


There are a number of different reasons why headaches develop and it is important for the physiotherapist to get to the source of the problem before developing a treatment program. We will complete a thorough assessment and determine the main cause of the headache. Once the source of the problem has been established, the physiotherapist will use the most appropriate treatment modalities to treat an individual's symptoms.

Post fracture and surgical rehabilitation

We see a large number of patients who have had surgery for a number of different reasons. Our excellent facilities and expert knowledge enable our team to provide first class physiotherapy post-surgery, ensuring that each patient regains their function as soon as possible.

Sports Injury

Physiotherapy is used throughout the sporting world to provide athletes and teams with specialised treatment and assessment skills. We will complete a thorough assessment in order to determine what may be causing the injury or pain and develop a treatment program and guide the athlete through a structured rehabilitation protocol. We can also provide patients with orthotics to correct pronation at the feet, improving lower limb biomechanics and reducing the risk of running injuries (Achilles tendonopathy, plantarfasciitis, illiotibial band friction syndrome, low back pain).

In addition to the above conditions we also treat other range of conditions such as
Tendonopathy (achilles, patellar tendon) Tennis elbow Carpal tunnel syndrome Fibromyalgia Frozen Shoulder Overuse injuries (RSI)

If you would like to discuss your problem before booking an appointment please give our physiotherapy team a call, we will do our best to help.